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Lindsey Homes


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Amanda Carras
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Building Distinctive Brands

Carristo Creative has played a pivotal role in elevating the Lindsey Homes brand to new heights, transforming it into a distinctive and consistent identity across two divisions. With a focus on maintaining a strong umbrella brand, our team has successfully created a cohesive and recognizable image for Lindsey Custom Builders, Lindsey Land and Home and coming soon Lindsey Vacation Rentals.


Carristo’s commitment to crafting and preserving a unified brand presence has contributed to Lindsey Homes’ reputation for excellence and distinction in the real estate and construction industry.

Website Design & Development

Strategic Marketing Partnership

In close collaboration with Lindsey Homes, Carristo Creative executes a dynamic marketing strategy aimed at showcasing available homes, acquiring new listings, and fostering construction business growth. Leveraging print media, local advertising, and an impactful digital campaign, in partnership with Shift Media, we strategically position Lindsey Homes in key markets across Texas and New Mexico. Our targeted print mail and email campaigns, coupled with engaging video content seamlessly integrated into the online platforms, contribute to Lindsey Homes’ continued success in the competitive real estate and construction landscape.

Carristo is committed to consistently refining and amplifying Lindsey’s marketing approach, ensuring a prominent and lasting presence in the industry.

Lindsey Homes' Annual Home Showcase

For six years, we’ve crafted a premier event highlighting Lindsey’s custom-built homes. Carristo designs a high-quality magazine, promotes on social media, creates print ads, and provides event signage. This success draws 500+ attendees over two days, showcasing Lindsey’s commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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