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Branding, Digital Media, Print Design and Web


Construction and Real Estate


Monica Christofferson
Amanda Carras
Jakob Smith

Sun Vista's Design Evolution

Sun Vista has been an integral part of Carristo from its inception, contributing over 15 years of design excellence. Through two brand transformations, Sun Vista has evolved and adapted, becoming a cornerstone of our portfolio. From the early days to the present, Sun Vista continues to shape spaces and redefine industry standards.

Versatility in Action

Our latest projects showcase the depth of Sun Vista’s capabilities, introducing a new level of complexity with the incorporation of three distinct divisions. The Real Estate and Property Management division proudly represents the NAI brand, symbolizing expertise and professionalism in the real estate sector.

Additionally, the Construction division stands as a testament to Sun Vista’s roots, demanding its own unique brand identity. While this division operates independently, it seamlessly aligns with the NAI brand, ensuring a consistent and cohesive representation of the Sun Vista ethos.

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